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      size of a pomsky


Size Of A Pomsky

Toy- typically 5-9 pounds and under 10” at the shoulder.

Mini over 9 pounds and up to 15” tall.

Standard 15-18” tall and generally between 18-25 pounds. 


But like any cross breed they could grow bigger or smaller.


F1 Pomsky

(F1) A First Generation Pomsky 50% Siberian Husky and 50% Pomeranian, one parent usually the mother is 100% Siberian Husky and the other parent usually the sire is 100% Pomeranian breeding f1 pomskies the other way round could be very dangerous for the mother due to a Pomeranian being smaller in size.

F2 Pomsky

(F2) Pomsky The mother is an F1 Pomsky and the sire is also an F1 Pomsky it is allot easier to predict the size the f2 pomsky puppies will grow as unlike the f1 pomsky parents the f2 pomskies both parents tend to be much more compatible in size to breed.


F3 Pomsky

(F3) Pomsky The mother is an F2 Pomsky and the sire is also an F2 Pomsky.

F4 Pomsky

(f4) Pomsky The mother is an F3 Pomsky and the sire is also an F3 Pomsky the f4 pomskies should grow the smallest out of the five as with my experience they get smaller with every generation we have bred.

F1b Pomsky

An (f1b) the mother is 100% Siberian Husky and the sire is an f1 pomsky resulting in the puppies being 75% husky and 25% Pomeranian this f1b tends to be the largest size you can get in a pomsky.