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Overall Impression
The overall impression is of a small but powerful northern-breed dog with substantial bone, small erect ears, and with typical ‘husky’ markings.

Toy- typically 5-9 pounds and under 10” at the shoulder.
Mini over 9 pounds and up to 15” tall.
Standard 15-18” tall and generally between 18-25 pounds. 

But like any crossbreed they could grow bigger or smaller.

The Pomsky is a joyful, affectionate dog with great humor and character they should be outgoing, confident, but non-aggressive are fantastic with people / children and other dogs.

Color & Markings
A pomsky can come in All different colours and patterns Ideally a white or cream ground with markings on the head, face, and back in the typical ‘husky’ pattern, including a generally symmetrical mask. The markings may be of any color, Nose color should harmonize with the coat color with darker pigment to be preferred. Eyes may be any color or combination of colors. Color and markings should not be considered more highly than a dog’s general conformation and breed type overall – no good dog is a bad color.